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Manage your Vitals Beautifully with iHealth Trackers

Tingbin Tang (“you can call me Ben”) is the Chief Creative Officer of iHealth Labs in Silicon Valley. He presented iHealth‘s suite of health tracking devices at the June 2014 Silicon Valley Health 2.0 meetup.

Not only does the company have a wide range of devices:

  • Blood Pressure monitors

  • Pulse oximeters

  • Body analysis scales

  • Activity & sleep trackers, and more

They also have what they say is the world’s smallest glucometer (it’s a little bigger than your thumb and plugs right into your iPhone).

What Is Different About iHealth Tracking Devices?

They are all beautiful. And, the apps are beautiful and entertaining! It’s no wonder. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Tingbin is also an Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University teaching Interactive Design.

iHealth also makes accompanying apps (most are for iOS at this time, but android are coming soon) and they have cloud services.

iHealth has partnered with some pretty impressive organizations including Intel-GE Care Connections and they are a part of Jiff’s digital marketplace for employers.

As more and more aggregators of these tracking devices vie to gain traction it will be really interesting to see which digital health apps and devices they choose to partner with.


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