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New Girl Dora’s Story ------- A New Interpretation of Freud’s Theory

When I first time looked at the art works of Zheng Wang, I saw a new Dora girl’s story, interpreting Freud’s theory about sex and human nature.  Freud was discovering the deep inside secret of the little girl, Dora, through the clue of her jumpy actions, her confession, and the content of her dreams.  Freud presented to the audience the complicated motivation hiding behind Dora’s hysteria, multi-triangular amativeness, and homosexual secrets.  While, in the new Dora’s story, or we can say, in the little girl Zheng Wang’s story, the audiences can reach to the deep insight of Zheng Wang’s mysterious changing sub-consciously dreaming world.  From this series of Zheng Wang’s art works, Oedipus complex psychology of Zheng Wang has been visualized.  The audience can see the significant influences of both psychology and physical sexual growth and variation to her subconscious, and embodied through her dreaming art works.

In the fairy tales of Zheng Wang, there are no men, only boys, because she thinks “men are impure, dirty and ugly”.  Why she has this kind of viewpoints?  What is she intent to escape from?  What are the differences between man and boy?  The answer is the mature of sexuality, including the growth status of man’s penis.  In the id of Zheng Wang, as a 25 year old blooming young girl, she has her primitive self; she has her basic desire, impulse, and vital force for subsistence.  Her id is the headspring of her psychological energy.  She wishes to do everything based on a simple happy principle, discard of social morality, behavior regulation, but to chase happiness, overindulgence, and abreaction.  Her id has her wild side, crazy side, enthusiastic side, evil side, even bloody, violent side.


In Zheng Wang’s ego, she try to make all her desired needed satisfied in a doable way or in a possible environment.  However, most of these type of desires, are oppressed in the reality.  In Zheng Wang’s superego, which is also the ideal part of human personality structure, Zheng Wang is trying to use the moral standard and behavior regulation during her postnatal study, just like the goal of to be a flower bud of motherland, to realize a not actually realistic target but tended to meet the society’s perfect ideal way requirements.  For example, the flying dream like a cosmonaut, carry a book bag, with Red Bible in the arm, but hold an alcohol bottle at the same time to actually against himself.  Two cute little children was reading carefully, but the books they are reading and going to read are actually Play Kids (VS Play Boy), and The Golden Lotus.  

In the fairy tale of Zheng Wang, some are in her ideology, but more of those are a reproduction of what is inside her subconscious or subliminal world.  In her paintings, there are strong trunk shape representing men’s penis; there are mellow rounded shape representing women.  There are the feelings of shy, confused, object, dislike at young girl’s menarche.  There are also jealous and desire for man’s penis, which women do not have.  In the fairyland described by Zheng Wang, the mushrooms are hints of men’s penis; flower buds are hints of women’s pussy.  She even incarnated herself as calla, while her head has been replaced with a penis.  She recorded the large charge and pleasure after sex, a full large drop of liquid is slipping down alone the surface the flower petal.  Her body went round and round, and her mind was vertiginous.  In another of her art works, her ear had worn through by a sharp tough steel hook, which is also a memory of her first time sex experience.  A little noble dressing boy, use a slingshot to shoot the shoe of a well dressed girl, who was sitting on the swing.  The slingshot is the desire of the boy, while the shoe is a metaphor of female’s sexual organ.  Mona Lisa is holding a bear doll which imply a penis.  All these are not part of a sex novel, but a visual reproduction of sexual consciousness and sex psychology.  

Human’s death distinct, also called thanatos, is the force to bring human back to time before state, which is, no life state.  Death is the end of life, so the final destination of life is death.  Death instinct generates attack, destroy, war, and other wrack and ruin behavior.  When it turns to human body internal system, it causes self-abuse, hurt themselves, or even suicide.  When it turns to external world, it causes attack, hate, murder, and so on.  In the bloodsucker sections of Zheng Wang’s art work, there are sword, gun, blood, and skull; there are zombie wedding, vampire’s love, hate, affections and enmity, there are suicide and murder, there are love and sex, there are life and death. 

Look at this series of Zheng Wang’s art work, just like reading Dora’s story, Freud’s theory has been interpreted chapter by chapter, section by section; it has been stated more visualized, more intuitively. 


New Girl Dora’s Story


A New Interpretation of Freud’s Theory








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