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Increasing Social Gravity With Nearal App

According to Wikipedia, Gravity, also known as weight, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy are brought toward one another. Gravity is well approximated by Newton’s law of universal gravitation, which describes gravity as a force which causes any two bodies to be attracted to each other, with the force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

As for social relationships, the gravity law also applies exactly. The more one weighs, the more he/she can attract others; also the social gravity is inversely proportional to the distance. The further the distance between, the less the gravity/attraction will be. Targeting at helping people to increase their social gravity, a Silicon Valley team come up with this app called Nearal, which is available on both iOS and Android now.

1. Nearal is location-based

Local means short distance, means better social gravity effect. Since Nearal is a location-based app, building a local professionals network, it fits for the gravity law. Nearal app makes it much easier for people on Nearal to go from online to offline. People get to know each other online and then meet offline. Nearal app turns virtual relationships to real-life friendship. We discussed this in one of my articles before, that the “six degrees of separation” theory does not work in reality; a friend’s friend can never be a real friend until it becomes a one-degree relationship. Nearal is very local, which helps people to maximize their social activity result and strengthen their social gravity.

The quality of one’s close relationships determines his/her happiness and satisfaction about life. Besides intimacy relationships, we also want to be closer to our co-workers, peers, supervisors, etc. “Closer” means a strong emotional bond, know more about each other and feel connected. Nearal is such an app to help people stay connected, belonged, and link people from strangers to friends; from online to offline; from distanced to closed. Not like some dating app, Nearal is more professional, and people tend to build more serious relationships.

2. Nearal helps to increase one’s social gravity by building one’s mass

The more one weights, the stronger the gravity force he/she has. A successful person may form a powerful centripetal force, and attract many fans/followers around him/her. However, many current social media just encouraging people to share their own moments in life even faked images. Beautiful selfie, luxurious lifestyle, exaggerated behavior, which are not right, and even misleading many young generations. On the contrary, Nearal help people to build a professional mass via this app. People use Nearal app to meet local professionals, to receive fulltime or freelance jobs/contracts; to manage their customers and local business.

At Nearal, besides the name, profile image, profession, social intention, people can also connect their other channels. E.g. LinkedIn page to present their resume; Medium page to show their articles/writings; Twitter page to broadcast their opinions; Dribble to demonstrate their art portfolio; SoundCloud of their own music/audio productions. People’s name card page at Nearal become their own landing page. People tend to exchange Nearal name cards, without carrying a paper card; any new updates will also be synced to those who kept their cards.

3. Nearal helps to enhance one’s social gravity by establishing one’s reputation

Everyone cares about his/her credit scores, but the way credit score calculates is just based on one’s financial activities. Even though some recruiters may require two to three reference letters from the applicants, but most such letters are just praise words, hard to get a full image of the applicants. Nearal make each person more three-dimensional to show every professional aspect of himself/herself; not like Facebook who forced or claimed to have people with real name, but actually they cannot achieve that; people at Nearal tent to build a professional image, and may lead to offline business activities, they will care more about their own reputation. Nearal is also launching review systems, people can review the other after making a payment of a project contract with local professionals. Reputation is also an important element to the mass, which, will result in the increase of ones’ weight/gravity.

Besides professionals in the current, Nearal is also bringing famous people in the past to life, so anyone can communicate with them in their own professional field. E.g. people may find Socrates at Athens, Greek, and then discuss philosophy with him. These famous persons in history become a role model for others, and they have built up their strong social gravities even after so many years.

4. Nearal helps to strengthen one’s social gravity by managing social circles

Even a planet may escape from the stellar system if the gravity force is not strong enough. For human beings, it is the same. If one’s influence and social gravity are not strong enough, the followers/fans/contacts may become further and further away from him/her. Nearal provides ways for users to interact with others, to manage their contacts, to group them together by profession or by interest. With Nearal social and group tools, an organizer can stay interact with other shared interests people in a group, can initiate events, can exchange ideas, can even collect membership fees, etc. A business owner can also put his/her customers into one group, collect feedback, comments, provide deals, release news, can also send coupons, loyalty cards, etc.

To keep attracting the “planets” around you, one needs to establish himself/herself as a giver of value, while Nearal enables users easy to do that. In order to keep old customers/fans, and attract new customers/fans, one needs to have a giver attitude. Besides the coupons, loyalty cards mentioned above, one can also keep sharing stories and tips of his professional field.

5. Nearal helps to enhance one’s social gravity by endless powerful widgets

Different people may in a different field, or doing different business, hence they have different ways to interact with their customers, partners, clients, friends, colleagues, and so on. When dealing/managing these relationships and interact with each other, one might need scheduling tools, might need invoicing tools, might need voting tools, and so on and so forth. A consultant may need scheduling and Paid-2-Chat widgets so his/her customers can easily have a virtual consultancy over the phone; a contractor may need scheduling and invoicing tools so he can easily do business with his clients; an NGO owner may need a donation feature and membership feature, so he/she can easily run a charity program…

All these are people’s daily social activities, but there are no such services, which are mobile-friendly, affordable, and customizable. Some big companies’ solutions are only targeting at big and medium companies, for such small professionals or business owners, they have become the ignored group. Most of them are not tech-savvy, they do not work with computers much but interact with a smartphone a lot, they cannot afford a Salesforce tool or Google ads. Nearal modularized widgets are helping them a lot. With open API, more and more third-party developers will join to deliver endless applications to fit for people’s diversified unique needs.

Someone said one’s success does not rely on what he/she knows but who he/she knows. A powerful social gravity will bring everyone towards the person, and all kinds of resources will be attracted and fly towards him/her as well. Nearal app is such a tool to help people be winning in their local community, to make them successful in their career and business; to make their life smoothly.

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