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Help the poor with a job opportunity — Gopackup

Many people are saying, you cannot just give the poor money, that would not actually solve their problem; then what is the best way to help them? There used to be a famous solution — micro finance to help the poor start their own small business. Now comes another great solution from Gopackup, provide them with a freelance job opportunity as a tour guide and/or local travel assistant.

Per Gopackup’s perception, travelers are mostly from the city, and they may like to experience a totally different lifestyle. The fresh air, open view at the country side, the mountains and the animals may all attractive to them. Sometime, take a break from busy and noisy city rhythm, travel to the rural area, feed the animals, even try farming or fishing with the poor, learn some primitive live skills from them, all sounds very attractive and fun.

There was an old saying, travel is that a person bored of where he/she live and then go to another place to try another lifestyle, which the local people may already feel bored about. The simple life style at the rural area, struggling with the nature to make a live, wave a nest, control a boat against bad weather to catch fishes; or work on the landing, harvest and collect fruits, etc. All the hard work that the rural area people have to live with, may seems so interesting to the travelers from the cities.

For example, ice fishing is a cold and hard job; but for the travelers, instead, it is a really “cool” job to do. Now some Alaska locals have listed their service on Gopackup, and invite the travelers to try an Alaskan Tradition; a warm hut on a frozen lake, fishing in Winter. On a sunny day, pear into the water from the darkened Ice House and see fish checking out your bait. Haul in the fish and enjoy a fresh cooked snack for the adventures, enjoy the raw beauty of an Arctic Winter and fish outside.

Another example, Sri Lankan stilt fisherman, men sit perched far from shore atop crude crucifixes of sticks and twine, dangling fishing rods into schools of fish. It is a special way for the locals to do fishing on the water, and the travelers will also be attracted to try this way, and erect their stilts in coral reefs. Now Siri Lanka locals have also published their services on Gopackup, and take travelers to try this strange but interesting way of fishing.

A local Vietnam farmer has created an agriculture tour on Gopackup, at this herb village at Hoi An, he invites travelers for a wonderful farming life with a local family. The travelers can experience a day living and working at the village to discover the daily life of the local farmer; get to know the process to work on the paddy land, following steps of riding a water buffalo, making a paddy land to be smooth, planting a baby rice, harvesting, watering by traditional way, grinding rice, cooking rice, ….and then have a lunch at the local family. All of these farming activities make up a unique and special tour that will be an unforgettable experience.

A local fisherman at Vietnam offer his service to travelers and teach them to catch a fish by net, row a Vietnam typical rounded basket boat on the sea; A local Hutong family in Beijing just simply offering Chinese cooking class to travelers; A Xi’An local family invite travelers to have the opportunity to peek into the daily life of local people and interact with them in their comfortable homes. Besides local tea tasting, make dumplings from the scratch and savor the dumplings you have made for lunch or dinner, travelers can also try some locally brewed beer and hard liquor. Afterwards, appreciate the local farmer artist’s paintings. The peasant paintings mainly reflect the local people’s life, the respect to their ancestors and their wishes for good luck and so on.

Furthermore, an NGO at Vienna even published a special SHADES TOURS: guided by homeless people on Gopackup, by this way, helping the homeless people to get out of their situation with a tour guide job opportunity; while the travelers also be able to discover another side of Vienna.

Developing area people may have not many source of income, now Gopackup brings a new potential income source. By offering local lifestyle to outsiders, fulfilled both parties needs: The travelers from the cities be able to experience new things they could not try before in the city; the locals from the rural area be able to make extra income.

Turn local lifestyle into a special experience and offer to travelers, Gopackup’s innovative way of travelers services will definitely bring impact to the world economy.

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