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Gold-mining Rules for Innovators

I really enjoy the startup and innovation environment at Silicon Valley. And I met so many talents from around the world come to this place, come to California with creative ideas to work for their dreams.

During the past, many hard-working people from around the world, come to this California to mine gold, which was also an adventure for their dreams.

Some people failed, some people succeed. I believe there are some rule for the Gold-miners, no matter it is in the past, or nowadays, to mine fortune from the technology innovation.

Work with right people, in the right place, at right time, understand the target market, understand target users, use the right tool, catch the right trend, etc.

Like other speeches I gave, I also used some of my own projects during the past as an example, e.g. RICE (Rural Information and Communication Engine), what challenge we had, and how I led my team at that time, based on target users' living environment and working habits, designed the solution.

I also share some business cases from China, e.g. How DaZhong Electronics beat BestBuy in China with creative business model. By managing their branding and marketing, let the supplier share the burden of personnels, warehouses, logistics, and so on.

I also share my experience about how I redesigned the business model for Qifang website and brought game to help, ads to help, shop to help, etc.

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