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Briefing My Background & Understanding of UX and Product Development

This was my lecture at SJSU (San Jose State University). At the first class, I briefly introduced my own background, some project experiences, and my understanding about user experience and Product development process and management.

Not like many other professors or scholars, my lectures are mostly around my own design experiences with real projects. Compare to many other peers who work at a big company, they may just have less number of project experiences; I was lucky that I caught the first internet wave and also the mobile internet boom, hence I was able to work with many big companies/clients for many interesting projects in different fields. And I really enjoy it.

I believe that is the beauty of being a designer, that I can take the opportunity to work with different clients/talents in different industry, and learn a lot from them; at the same time, use my design skills, apply design methods to give some creative design ideas/solutions.

There was a famous Chinese poem, "the person inside the incidence is blinded by the incidence". That is why, many clients, even though they have been in their industry for many years, but they cannot see their own problems. However, as an outsider, as a design consultant, I was able to study their users/market/competitors/products, and creatively come up with some many naive but creative design solutions.

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