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A new way to travel and social

Travel should NOT be just walk around and seeing the sceneries; but making local friends, chatting and knowing more about local people and local culture should be part of it. Many travel services are trying to do so. For example, Airbnb allows travelers to accommodate with locals; Eatwith allows people to eat at local people’s house; now a Silicon Valley web company, Gopackup has a better way for travelers to engage with local people and social by interest.

For example, a beautiful lady Maria from Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia is offering a Beer/Sights Tour via Gopackup. As she said, she is a beer enthusiast and love to show places where to get good beer in Medellín. She is completely bilingual, so travelers can either practice their Spanish with her or can be lazy and just speak English.

She is a local resident, and she love to show the beauty of Medellín. Just imaging, travel to Medellín, meet such a beautiful young lady in such a wonderful city at late in the afternoon and watch the sunset over in Pueblito Paisa; what a nice experience it could be! Then have some local food before making the way to the pubs in Poblado, to try some local beer (not Pilsen or Aguila, but really “good beer”) and after, Maria can also recommend some good clubs (upper class locals).

Loneliness is not longer part of travel thanks to Gopackup! Meeting local people, especially people with shared interest, may really enlighten travelers’ journey!

Another example, if a new married couple travel to Ljubljana and like to have a romantic experience, or someone who is really into music, they can book a Ljubljana Music Walk at Gopackup.

This walk will be with a local violinist, who will be performing pieces of music connected to Ljubljana. While exploring the local streets, listening to live local violin music, have conversation with this local musician, have some tasting of Slovenian traditional dishes and drink a glass of Slovenian Wine. All senses will be satisfied! Besides, also get a chance to know a local musician and receive a local friendship with shared interest.

People has social needs besides food, shelter, and entertainment. Especially when people travel to a new place, social needs becomes even stronger but challenge. Now with Gopackup, this becomes easier. Meet with locals, exchange ideas, will quickly remove the feeling of strange away from a traveler, and get used to the new city new style and new culture quickly!

Just like another guy at Gopackup, who offers a Bay Area Walk & Chat; he stated, “If you are just bored and want a listener; if you like to meet a new friend; if you are new to this area and want to walk around a little bit with accompany; if you like to hear more about our startup stories; if you want to experience the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and tech culture; if you just have some extra time or money like to spend; or if you just do not know what to do… Maybe book my hours and we can walk around a little bit or have some drink together”.

This guy graduated from an Art school; used to be a street portrait artist; looks like a very interesting guy with rich life experiences. He also had several startup experiences in Silicon Valley, had travelled to many cities and places as well, and he is willing to meet new friends and exchange stories, ideas and dreams. And people can just book his hour for chat and walk or drink together.

The world is so beautiful because of different people: different culture, different religion, different color of skin, different life stories, different taste…

Now this Silicon Valley based internet company, is bridging people from around the world together, encouraging locals to meet travelers, with tourism to bring mutual understanding and peace and friendship to this chaos world!

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