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A new angle of perspective to tour a city

When people tour a city, they see the surface of the place; for travelers, it is so hard for them to really get into a local destination. Now besides bridging travelers with locals; Gopackup has brought a new angle of perspective to travelers.

This angle is not from those white collar who sitting in the big mansions drinking coffee and working on computers; this angle is not from those school trained tour guide who is reciting the history of the city emotionless rather than sharing a personal experience; this angle is from such a group of people, who has always been ignored.

Now at, people can book a tour called SHADES TOURS: guided by homeless people. This tour allows people to discover another side of Vienna! To discover the multiple shades of homelessness: the challenges, social services and stories of living and surviving on the street. This tour brings travelers with a special angle of perspective to look at the city, to hear the homeless people’s stories with the city, and to re-look at the city and what is happening around. By attending such a tour, and paying just 15 euro, can also help the homeless people to reintegrate into society.

Quoted from Sabine V.: “From now on we see homelessness from another point of view and the best thing about this project is that it helps homeless people to get out of this situation”.

This authentic, professional and insightful tour will submerge travelers into a significant hidden and unseen world. During this 2-hour tour this homeless guide will provide the attending people and/or travelers with a mix of facts and personal stories that illustrated the complexity of homelessness. Go on this unforgettable tour that will show people another side of living in a city.

Some background information: An estimated 10,000 inhabitants of Vienna are considered to live in a feasibility situation, of which 2,000 live on the street. Such tour on Gopackup, really brings a new way for people to travel while at the same time, helping the homeless.

Such tour provides travelers with an unusual, insightful, informative and emotional experience; makes people discover a different side of Vienna and provides people with insights into an unseen world, far away from the typical tourist path; helps traverls understand the complexity of homelessness and inform people about how the local social system works. Further more, this tour will make a difference for travelers and their guide.

By attending such a tour, travelers get to know more and insight about this city; at the same time, they are also helping these tours guides and give the guides out of homelessness and self-esteem.

Tourism for understanding; helping people to know the beauty of differences. These have always been the mission of Gopackup. Silicon Valley companies are always believing in changing the world with a new innovation; and Gopackup obviously is a typical representative of them.

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