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02/ 2019 to Present

Founder, CEO

Nearal is an AI-enhanced, location-based, local professional social networking app. Nearal app is available on both iOS and Android. What makes Nearal special is that: 1. Nearal allows users to find professionals around, connects online to offline meet; 2. Nearal allows users to communicate with famous people in history via their chatbot, connects current to the past; 3. Nearal provides a powerful widget store for professionals and small business owners to best meet their unique and diversified business needs, e.g. invoicing, waiting list, scheduling, survey, menu, and so on.

Gopackup, inc

01/ 2015 to Present

Founder, CEO, Head of Design

Gopackup is a P2P travel booking platform, allows locally-owned operators and travelers to make a booking without middlemen. With vendors from over 136 countries and over 2000 cities, Gopackup helps travelers gain localized and personalized travel experiences. Besides a CEO I had also been working as an experience officer, I closely working with our users, collect their feed backs, and reshape our product to best serve them.


09/ 2018 to 02/2019

Contract, Principal, UX Design

Coupang is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platforms. With its customers first positioning, my job here is to enhance the itimacy, passion and commitment between Coupang and the customers. If engineering is to build the body and function of this platform; my job is to design the soul and love of this platform. So we can achieve our mission, to create a world in which customers ask “How did I ever live without Coupang?”. 

Peopeo, LLC

01/ 2013 to Present

Board Member People centered design and creative consultancy in Beijing, China. 

iHealth Lab, inc

01/ 2013 to 01/ 2015

CCO, Chief Creative Officer

User centered product innovation for wearable healthcare management devices, apps, website and cloud services.  I led a R&D team of 150 people, I studied target users with diabetics, or people with hypertension, I redesigned iHealth MyVitals app, Gluco-Smart App and managed the development of iHealth Edge activity tracker, Align iHealth Gluco-meters, etc. I also redesigned and managing the iteration of iHealth official e-commerce platform.  Gluco-Smart app was featuered by Apple WWDC event, other products also had won CES innovation awards.

San Jose State University

01/ 2013 to 07/ 2014

Adjunct Interaction Design Professor

San Jose State University is a destination for dreamers, innovators and high achievers.  It is one of the most famous public university in the heart of Silicon Valley.  I taught students professional interaction design, user experience, human factors and user centered product development process.

Peopeo, LLC

04/ 2007 to 01/ 2013

Founder & Creative Director

Peopeo is a people centered design consultancy firm, providing innovative product and solution design services to the clients. At Peopeo, I led my team designed many mobile apps for clients including Nokia, NSN, Lenovo, Pingan, China Mobile, China Telecom, and so on. And also help clients do product operation. We have a rich portfolio, some of them including NFC mobile payments, mobile coupon, mobile transportation cards; Pingan Insurance marketplace; Pingan Auto Insurance app, Pingan Bank app, Huaxia Securities app, MobilEdu, Widsets, RICE (Rural Information and Communication Engine), Shenbo, Life Tools, etc.

01/ 2009 to 12/ 2010

COO then CEO

Qifang was the first P2P online lending platform in China which allows verified Chinese students to receive loans from individual investors.  Qifang also helped investors to put eggs into different baskets, and help them calculate a best investment combination.  As a COO then CEO, I designed the business model, and was in charge of marketing, operation, and so on. I designed four ways for people to help those students: donate to help; lend to help; shop to help; game to help and even ads to help the business model to Qifang.

Central Academy of Fine Arts

02/ 2005 to 07/ 2010

Director, Lecturer

CAFA is the best and top leading institution for modern art education in China.  I was the founder of transportation design program and the first director of this field. I taught students human factors, design studio classes, interaction design, product design and user interface, etc.  I also successfully build up collaborations with different auto companies, and led students involved in many sponsored projects.  

San Stone, LLC

09/ 2003 to 01/ 2005

Founder, CEO

San Stone Provide services from design to manufacturing, we help clients from industrial design, mechanical engineering, to mold design, tooling and contract manufacturing, helped clients to have their product made in China and help them sourcing parts as well.  

Trisenx Holdings Inc.

09/ 2001 to 09/ 2003

Director, Product Development

Trisenx is a Georgia based company that focus on bring the third sense, smell to the internet. As one of the founding member, I designed the Scent Dome which enable users to sent a smell over the internet. It had drawn a lot of media attention, including Time magazine, BBC, ABC news, etc.  


Savannah College of Art & Design

09/ 1999 to 04/ 2002

MFA, Product Design

Outstanding Alumni Awards, Winner of the International Competition for Student Artists, Morris Scheer Fellowship, Propes Fellowship, Taiwan-American Education Trust Scholarship, MDRA Boat Design, Coram Bathroom Design Award, final list, ASB Outstanding Service Award in the 2000 SCAD Leadership Ceremony, etc.

Hunan University

09/ 1995 to 07/ 1999

BS, Industrial Design

Chairman at Cartoon Favorites Student Association, Chief Editor at Hunu Youth magazine, First Class Scholarship, etc.


Good Design Awards



The most prestigious world design award: The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. present the Museum's annual GOOD DESIGN ® Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. 
Each year, The Chicago Athenaeum presents the GOOD DESIGN Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.

The Chicago Athenaeum


Permanent Collection

The Chicago Athenaeum is an International Museum of Architecture and Design, appropriately based in the world's first city of modern architecture and design—Chicago. The Museum is dedicated to the Art of Design in all areas of the discipline: architecture, industrial and product design, graphics, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

The Museum's mission is the advancement of public education about the value of Good Design - from the "spoon to the city" - and how design can positively impact the human environment. As The United States’ only independent Museum of Architecture and Design, The Chicago Athenaeum has demonstrated leadership and innovation in bringing the subject of design and its impact on the quality of life before a national and international audience. 

International Design Excellence Awards



  • IDEA 2009, Finalist, Interaction Category,

    • Organized by IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America)

    • Product Name: Stroke ++ Finger Touch Chinese Input

International Design Excellence Awards



  • IDEA 2008, Finalist, Interactive product experience Category

    • Organized by IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America)

    • Product Name: MobilEdu

“Core World” Charity Innovation Award


Technology Application Awards

Organized by Intel, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Narada Foundation, Vantone Foundation

  • Product Name: Shengbo website

World Economic Forum


Technology Pioneer Awards

  • Technology Pioneer 2009 at World Economic Forum

    • Product Name: Qifang

    • By: World Economic Forum

Frost & Sullivan’s 3rd Annual Excellence


Technology Innovation of the Years Awards

At: Frost & Sullivan’s third annual Excellence in Industrial Technologies Banquet.

  • Product Name: Scent Dome

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